Lamenting curator (Calabria - Italy)

Lamenting curator

[ July, 2015 ] We visited Locri which is a bit south of Roccella Jonica where we stayed in south Italy.

The reason why we went there was that apparently this was an ancient Greek town and there were ruins with the museum.

But when we got there,  we found that many parts of the ruins were closed for some work.

In the museum, the curator who was a large middle aged woman told us “because you can see only a limited things, 10 euros for you two with the book”.

The exhibits were interesing.

As you can see from the photo, the faces were a bit different from the Greek ones we see usually.

I would say they were a bit Asian.

The ruins here include an amphitheatre and other things, but what we could see on the day was really limited.

The curator said ” my current boss who looks after this area is not the specialist of ancient Greek.

That is why this place is not taken care much”.

There are politics in any fields.

The repairing work seemed to have been going on and on and they were suffering from a lack of advertising, too.

A visitor who happened to have majored in archaeology in south Italy said “We did not learn that there were so important ruins here”.

The curator said to us “Write about this museum to let people know”.

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