Japanese whisky

Japanese whisky

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting.

[April, 2013] I like whisky very much.

Since I was a boy I have appreciated European whiskies, especially Irish and Scottish.

Because I knew that Japan produces good whiskies, during my stay in Osaka, I asked my guide, who became a friend for me by now, Okazawa san, to try one single malt.

Before I finished to say that, he was already ready to go with his bag on the shoulder.

He accompanied me to a whisky bar very characteristic, whose owner is originally from Okinawa.

He ordered a whisky with ice and soda, which here they call it High-Ball and it seems to be very popular.

Obviously I ordered straight.

I explain to him that in this way you can appreciate the smell and the taste better.

He was very happy to see my curiosity about their whiskies.

Anyway I tried three, the Miiyagikyo and the Yoichi (single malt 10 years old) and the Taketsuru (pure malt 12 years old).

All are produced by Nikka distillery.

They have an intense taste perfect with a chocolate bar.

The name of the Whisky Bar is Gilby.