Rice porridge

Rice porridge

[ Jan.2015 ] The restaurant we went in Hue was called Moc Vien.

We were in the tailor-made individual tour, but ushered to a big room where two Japanese groups were eating.

This restaurant seemed patronised by Japanese tourists.

The dishes they served were all tasty and easy to eat, but unfortunately on the day I had the upset stomach and could not eat very much.

I had already said that to our guide, so he arranged that they specially served rice porridge with umeboshi (pickled plum) – they are typical foods we ate when we are not well in Japan.

To be honest, these tasted best for me at that time.

And I felt grateful for their consideration.

After lunch when we went out of the room, we found a lovely garden.

There were many tourists from other countries in other rooms, too.

According to Mr.Son, our guide, the owner of the restaurant used be a Japanese language guide.