Goose dish (Gdansk - Poland)

Goose dish

[ Oct.2015 ] This is a photo of the goose dish I had in Gdansk in Poland.

It was served with the pear sauce.

The meat was drier than duck, but it tasted very good.

This was in a restaurant called “Zuraw”.

It was recommended by the owner of the amber shop where we did shopping.

Zuraw means crane in Polish and it is just next to the old crane building which is one of the tourist attractions.

My husband chose pork knuckle.

We were surprised at its big size, but the meat was very tender and tasty.

The inside of the small restaurant was nice and the price was reasonable, too, so overall, we were satisfied, but there was one problem.

We ordered the dark beer listed in their menu, but the waitress said bluntly “We don’t have it” without any apology.

For argument’s sake, let’s assume it was “lost in translation” as we spoke in English which was not her language, but people’s feeling shows by their expression or gesture.

It was the same coldness we sometimes experience in the ex-communist countries.

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