Happy Birthday at a sushi restaurant (Chiba - Japan)

Happy Birthday at a sushi restaurant

[ May, 2015 ] While we were staying in Japan this time, one of our family members had the birthday.

So we all went to a sushi restaurant to eat a good sushi dish.

It was really good.

When we were just about finishing eating, suddenly there was a disturbance.

All the sushi chefs and other staff came up to our table and started singing “Happy Birthday ♪” with tambourines and other instruments.

We got so surprised and could not stop laughing.

Somehow their rhythm was different from the normal one (maybe they were clapping in two-four time, though the song was waltz), and interestingly cheerful.

They served us a special small fruits cake with a candle, too.

It was really a great moment.

The name of the sushi restaurant was “Kintaro”.

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