the changeable weather in St Ives

the changeable weather in St Ives

[ Aug.2019 ] We stayed at Poldhu Guest House in St Ives in Cornwall, the south western end of England.

England-Cornwall-St Ives-accommodation-view from window-roof-window
the view from our room

Because we decided to come to St Ives quite late, when we tried booking a room, most of the places were already full up but this guest house had one room left.

It was a very basic accommodation and we stayed without meals.

The location was the best.

The entrance was just off the main street called Fore Street.

When we arrived there, our room was not ready, so we left our luggage there.

This guest house was run by Paul, the father and William, the son who was about 10 years old.

There was an amateurish feeling and we felt that they were trying very hard.

It seemed that their own private room was very messy when I could peek at it, but the guest room we stayed was spotlessly clean.

As an accommodation of this class, it was comfortable and pleasant.

England-Cornwall-St Ives-hill-rain-grey-house-sea
the grey scene in the rain

On the next day, when we checked out, the young boy received our key and he seemed to know perfectly what he should do when the guests checked out.

I am sure he will grow up to a capable adult.

Now, after leaving our luggage, we went out for a walk in the town.

We headed for the stone church on the hill, which we could see from the end of Fore Street.

Since we arrived in St Ives, the sun had been shining on and off, but at that moment suddenly the strong rain started.

We had our umbrella open, but the rain was blowing sideways, so our trousers got soaked.

England-Cornwall-St Ives-sea-rock
lovely colour of the sea

But after a while, the rain stopped and the sun started shining again.

The view was fantastic.

The stone church was closed but there was the information on the wall and according to that, the name of the church was St. Nicholas and “it has stood up on this site from time immemorial”.

England-Cornwall-St Ives-town-alley
lovely alley in St Ives

So nobody knows when it was built.

Apparently it was partially destroyed by order of the War Office in 1904, but it was rebuilt and restored to its former condition.

The War Office wanted to destroy it because it stood out on the hill, maybe?

On the other side of the hill, there was another beach and people were in the sea wearing wet suit.

Although the colour of the sea was emerald green like in Mediterranean, probably the water was too cold to swim with only swimming costumes.

After coming down from the hill, we moved away from the sea and walked in the town.

There were so many lovely shops that I did not get tired.

England-Cornwall-St Ives-shop-Thulite-ring
Thulite ring

I noticed there were some gemstone jewelleries shops and among them there was one with a wide selection of stones and there I bought one ring with Thulite, the stone I had never seen before.

I had known that this stone was produced in Norway and I had slightly expected to see one in Oslo when we went there in May, but we did not see any.

By the way, in England, it seems that there are better gemstone shops in smaller towns.