the bison sausages we ate in Wendake village

the bison sausages we ate in Wendake village

[ July 2019 ] There was a restaurant within Onhoüa Chetel8e, the area which shows how the Huron People used to live in Wendake village in Quebec in Canada.

After the tour in Onhoüa Chetel8e, we went to the restaurant called Nek8arre.

Canada-Quebec-Wendake- Onhoüa Chetel8e-restaurant-inside
inside the restaurant

The wooden interior seemed to be modeled their traditional Long House.

We were late for the lunch time and maybe that was why there were not many customers.

There was only one menu : starter was a kind of bean soup, the main was bison sausages and the dessert was sponge cake.

This set menu was 22 C$ (£14, €15, $17).

Because beans are not my favourite, I just had the main, but my husband said that the soup was simple but tasted good.

Canada-Quebec-Wendake- Onhoüa Chetel8e-restaurant-soup
simple but nice bean soup

I was not familiar with bison, so I started eating the sausages cautiously, but in fact it was not strange at all and quite tasty.

We came across dishes using bison meat later in our holiday, so in Canada it may be a common thing to eat.

Although I asked for the main dish only, the easygoing waitress brought me the cake, too.

She said “Don’t worry. Just give me a good tip”.

On top of that, she made a mistake calculating our bill.

Canada-Quebec-Wendake- Onhoüa Chetel8e-restaurant-dessert
our dessert

When we ordered, she said something like “today’s menu is this”, but there was an old photo of the same menu in the restaurant, so my husband said “Perhaps, they have only this”.

The leaflet says that “Depending on the season, we offer different game and fish”, though.

Anyway, we should not think that the foods they offer here are the traditional meal for Huron People, because during the tour, we learned that they used to eat any kinds of animals by drying and smoking.

After eating, it was the time for shopping.

Canada-Quebec-Wendake-Huron People-shaman-mask-Laughing Beggar
the mask called “Laughing Beggar”

There was a big nice shop within Onhoüa Chetel8e, and we bought a booklet about Huron People, a mask of a shaman and some others.

The mask we bought is called “Laughing Beggar” and it was used during healing ceremonies apparently.

After we enjoyed Onhoüa Chetel8e very much, we asked for a taxi to get back to the area of the hotel and the museum, where the shuttle buses to Quebec City come and go, because we did not feel like walking back there under the scorching sun.

Probably not many people use taxi here and it took very long time for one to arrive.

And the driver was not a villager here, but a black person.

the beautiful moccasin in the museum

When my husband payed the exact fare, he demanded “Tip?”.

And continued “Because 15% of our income is taken by the government, we cannot do without the tips”.

I do not think it is a correct way of thinking…

Because we still had a short time until the 5 pm bus to arrive, so we went into the museum.

There were a collection of Huron People’s historical treasures including intricately embroidered moccasin and a Turquoise ring.