the Niagara Falls in the park

the Niagara Falls in the park

[ Jun.2019 ] We joined the tour to see Niagara Falls from Toronto, Canada.

We had booked this tour far in advance.

One bus-full of tourists were taken to the falls and surrounding area by the tour guide and the driver called Tiernan who was born in Dublin in Ireland and has been living in Canada for 29 years.

Canada-Niagara-Niagara Falls-buildings-surrounding environment
the falls and surrounding buildings

Unfortunately, the microphone on the bus on the way there was broken, so I could not hear hardly anything, but one thing I learned was that this region has been flourished with wine industry since 1950~60 and now there are about 130 wineries in Niagara area.

In fact, during our journey, we saw the view with many vineyards, which I had not expected.

After arriving at the falls, first thing was the toilet break at a hotel on the hill.

From here, we could already see the falls far away.

The main falls are only two.

The size was not that big.

Canada-Niagara-Clinton Hill-signs
Clinton Hill, ‘Las Vegas for children’

Because we had been to Iguazu a few years ago, naturally we compared this one to that.

After the break, we went down to take the boat.

We walked down from Clinton Hill and found that the Niagara falls are part of the well maintained park in a town.

It is not in the wild nature at all compared with Iguasu where the savage Coatis were all over the place.

According to Tiernan, this Clinton Hill is “Las Vegas for children”.

Now we were getting on the boat.

The boat from Canadian side gives you the red poncho while American side is blue.

Canada-Niagara-Niagara Falls-boat-people in red
the boat from Canadian side with people in red

I saw yellow people, too, but they were not on any boats.

Needless to say, the Niagara Falls extend over Canada and the US and I could see the border on the bridge.

The operation of the boat was very efficient and people were moving as if they were on a conveyor belt.

I had done my homework and learned that we would get soaking wet by the splashes of falls, so we had prepared for the spare clothes, but in fact, we did not need them at all.

The reason could be that we had to stay on the downstairs on the boat, because the upstairs was already full when we got on.

The boat started and we went very close to the falls.

Canada-Niagara-Niagara Falls-water-clear
the clear water of Niagara Falls

We could feel the power of the water strongly and that was a great fun!

The water here were clear, which was nice, compared with the one in Iguazu which was the colour of cappuccino.

According to Tiernan, the volume of the water was exceptionally high.

Because of that, two days before they could not operate the boats.

On the day we were there, the weather was perfect.

He said a few times, “The good weather and not too many people. You are very lucky!”.

Because the experience was great, I wanted some souvenirs from here, so after getting off the boat, we looked around the shop there, but what they were selling were mainly the T-shirts with maple leaf and some words printed on them which were not our taste.

Not only Niagara, but the places we visited this time in Canada, generally the souvenirs were not very attractive.