China Town

China Town

[ May, 2014 ] I walked in the China Town in Milan in Italy for the first time.

They call it China Town, but there were not brilliant gates like in London.

Just many Chinese shops were there and people walking there were mainly Chinese.

I heard a story about how China Town in Italy are made : 1 – Chinese people buy houses at theboth end of the street where they want to create the China Town, paying much more money than the market price.

2 – they start buying some more houses in the middle of the street.

3 – the house price in the street gets lower, which means it gets easier for them to buy more houses there.

4 – the local people start getting out of the street feeling not comfortable, or sometimes they get harassment and are forced to get out — This way, they create China Towns.

It is quite aggressive, isn’t it.

An Italian person told me this, so I do not know about China Towns in other countries.

Chinese people in Italy do not seem to mix with local people.

When I was walking there with a few Italians, the Chinese hanging around in front of the shops stared at me.