Shop for the common people (Da Nang - Vietnam)

Shop for the common people

[ Jan.2015 ] This is the photo of a large supermarket in Da Nang in Vietnam funded by a Korean company.

After the daytime tour to My Son and Hoi An, we joined the night tour in Da Nang and this was the first destination.

Mr.Hai, our guide said ” I want you to know what we usually buy for how much.” That is an interesting idea.

The other people in the tour went streight to the food area, but because we needed to buy some things, we went to the convenience goods and clothing corners.

Generally speaking, it was not much different from the supermarkets of Japan or Europe.

But if you look at  them closely, there are difference.

For example, my husband needed to buy a shaver for trimming the beard not to shave it off completely, but they did not have one.

Well there are no Vietnamese men with beard, aren’t there.

The prices were cheaper as expected, but some things were not that cheap.

I wanted to buy a simple cardigan, because the climate was cooler than I thought here in Da Nang, and I found an appropriate one, but the price was as much as in Uniqlo or Tesco.

I am afraid the quality was better in Uniqlo.

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