Where was the staircase?

Where was the staircase?

[ Nov.

2013 ] This was my third visit to Rome, but my first visit to #Vatican #Museum.

We booked the tickets about one week before, but a lot of slots were already full.

We booked a tour with the English speaking guide and it cost 37 euro per person.

They use a system that people can hear the guide’s voice through the earphones, which was good because it let us move freely.

The guide was a young friendly woman, but unfortunately her English had a strong accent, which was difficult to understand for me.

The place was just gorgeous! Not only the Sistina Chapel which I had wanted to see most, but also Raphael Rooms, St.

Peter’s Basilica and so on are so luxurious.

Raphael and Michelangelo are all over the place.

Here I made two big mistakes.

In the area where we waited for the tour to start, there was a museum shop and I chose some to buy later, but when the tour ended, we were at St.

Peters Basilica and the shop here sold different things.

Shopping is always “a once in a lifetime chance”.

You have to buy it at the first chance.

My second mistake was that I did not see the famous spiral staircase which I had wanted to see second to Sistina Chapel.

I realised that when the tour finished.

I read afterwards that it was near the entrance of the museum.

The guide did not say a word of it.

I need to go back there just to see it…