By carriage

By carriage

[ Sept.2014 ] Klaipeda in Lithuania where we stayed this time faces Curonian Spit separated by the narrow sea.

Cronian Spit is the long narrow spit, a land of accumulated sand.

Apparently the length is as long as 98 kilometres and within that, 52 km belongs to Lithuania and the rest is Russia.

There is a long history of a tribe called Kursenieki who used to live there and this place is listed in the Worle Heritage of Unesco.

From Klaipeda we crossed to Smiltyne by ferry.

This journey took only 5 minutes, but the ferry was not frequent in the season when we visited.

The ticket cost 2.9 litas and when we were on the way back, we realised that it was a return ticket.

The place we wanted to go was Nida near the Russian border, but the bus to get there was even less frequent and we had one hour in Smiltyne.

Then we noticed a row of carriages.

Their main job seemed to be taking the ferry passengers to the nearby Sea Museum, but we asked the person who came up to us “Can you go around here for one hour?”.

The masculine driver, Alma looked a bit lost for a while, but talked to her favourite horse and started the carriage.

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