How many coins?

How many coins?

[ Nov. 2013 ] I threw a coin into #Trevi #Fountain in Rome again.

Apparently, everyday 3000 euro worth coins are thrown there.

There are two theories about the origin of this custom.

One is that ancient Romans always threw money not only into fountains but also to rivers or lakes to ask God of water to protect their journey ahead.

That is why it is said that you can come back to Rome by throwing coins to Trevi.

The second theory is that it is invented to raise fund for the maintenance of this fountain, which is not romantic.

They say if you drink the fountain water, you can get the same effect.

I had known about ‘You can come back to Rome” effect only, but when I looked up online, I found that if you throw two coins, you can be with your loved one forever and if you throw three coins, you can separate from your husband or wife.

Someone quickly responded ” the devorce is always most expensive”.

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