Be careful!

Be careful!

[June, 2012] From the Catania airport in Sicily, Italy to the centre of the town, it takes only 10 minutes or so by taxi.

We asked the driver how much it would be.

He answered that he has got the metre, so we took it without any worry.

But during the ride, the metre went up and up in an incredible speed and in the end it cost 30 euro!

From Catania to Milazzo, a port town, we took a pre- booked bus.

They instructed that we should buy the boat ticket from the bus driver, so we gave him 50 euro note.

He looked at my wallet and said he preferred  2 of the 20 euro notes, because the price is 38 euro.

So I gave him 40 euro as well, but he returned only 2 euro.

So I told him to return my 50 euro note and he said he had already done.

We argued back though the departure time of the boat was approaching.

Then he started to count his money slowly slowly.

That was his tactics knowing that we were agitated because of the imminent boat departure.

In the end we won, though.

In the town of Catania, we saw a serious fighting.

One side turned over one non relevant person’s vending table and the goods got scattered around on the ground.

But vendor did not say a word and afterwards he picked the goods up one by one.

He knew that if he says something, he would get a huge damage.

Later, we were told that when I see any fighting, we had better move away as much as possible, because they might have a gun.

Well, Sicily is famous of Mafia, isn’t it.