Beach in Scilla (Calabria - Italy)

Beach in Scilla

[ July, 2015 ] After walking around the lovely town of Scilla in south Italy, we went to the beach to have a rest.

Here the water was very clean and clear, and the water temperature was high.

I thoroughly enjoyed bathing there.

We particularly appreciated the cleanliness, because it was after experiensing the beach with rubbish near Roccella Jonica.

There were many women there, too, which somehow let me feel more secure.

By the way, Scilla is known for a monster called Scylla in the Greek mythology.

The appearance of Scylla is like a mermaid but with 6 fierce dogs’ heads around her body.

Originally she was a pretty woman, but a witch made her a monster animated by jealousy.

There seemed a tour after this mythology and during the tour people could dress up to be a mermaid to take photos.

I like this kind of event, but unfortunately we did not have enough time to join it.

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