Mystery of the train

Mystery of the train

[ May, 2014 ] When we asked the hotel staff in Bilbao how to get to San Sebastian, he said “you can get there by bus in one hour, but by train it takes nearly 3 hours, though the view from the train is very nice” .

My guide book, too, says that it takes 2.5 hours by train.

So we took bus to get there, but wanted to come back slowly by train as the day light was getting longer.

We took a taxi near the beach of San Sebastian and asked the taxi driver to take us to the station.

But he said “there isn't any trains going to Bilbao”.

We went to the station anyway and asked there.

The man at the ticket office said “To Bilbao you can only go by bus”.

We felt totally puzzled and took the bus back.

By the way, there were full of American tourists in the bus, in the hotel, in the cable car in San Sebastian and so son.

I did not expect that.

I wonder if there is a particular link between Basque country and USA.