Similar to Tempura

Similar to Tempura

[ June, 2013 ] In Piacenza in Italy, we were disappointed to find that the restaurant I had looked up in internet was full up.

So we asked two of the passers for their recommendation and both of them recommended ‘La Munta’, which was very good.

For the starter, I had a fried vegetable which was somewhat similar to Tempura.

You eat it with just salt and they say it is one of their traditional dishes around here.

For the main, we chose a meat with bone, which is like the Fiorentina and it was very good, too.

The staff said that he himself cut the meat and warned us “it weighs 1 kg”.

He was very friendly and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

By the way, the last ‘a’ of the name of this restaurant has got two dots like the Umlaut, which is used in this area.

This restaurant is situated in the middle of a gentle staircase and this staircase is called Munta di ratt.

The name came from the fact that when the Po river used to get flooded long time ago, rats ran up this stairs.