Excursion to Brescia

Excursion to Brescia

[ May, 2013 ] On a sunny Sunday, I went to Brescia where I could not go in April.

This is the second largest city in Lombardy region in north Italy, after Milan and has got a long history from before the Roman empire time.

My guide book recommneded to go to Santa Giulia nunnery.

This place is listed as a World Heritage in 2011.

This nunnery was built by King Desiderius of the Lombards and his wife Ansa in 753.

Their daughter Desideria lived here after her marriage with Charlemagne of the Franks ended.

When you travel abroad, the names and events which you have learned in ths history lessons at school rise and you feel close to them, don’t you.

In this museum, you can see the exhibition of the history of nunnery and the history of the city.

On top of that, there was a contemporary art exhibition as you can see from the photo.

For me, it was too much and messy…