The cooperative of house wives

[August 2012] Our group tour popped into a small restaurant run by house wives in Cappadocia, Turkey. According to our guide, the house wives who wanted to start some business got together and went to…


Cod dinner

[July 2012] In Madrid, we looked for a restaurant called Casa Labra listed in my guidebook. The main space here was the tapas bar and full of local people, but a small restaurant behind, with only…


A restaurant on top of a stable

[July 2012] When we went to Angera on Lake Maggiore, Italy, we went to look for a restaurant which has a good reputation on internet site. It is far from the lake itself in a…


Japanese restaurants in Paris

[July 2012] You may think why you should eat Japanese in Paris, but there are many good Japanese restaurants in Paris. This time we went to ‘ Shu‘, specialised for Kushiage, fried vegetables and meat…


Writers gather here

[July 2012] Friends of mine, living in Paris took us to this pub in a back street. In the past, Japanese author Fumiko Hayashi, a painter Tsuguji Fujita and etc, got together here. The name…


Difference between professional and amateur

[June, 2012] In Italy, it is rare to come across bad foods in restaurants, but service can be varied. The ones which has been run bay a family for a long time will not disappoint…


Old fashioned coffee shop

[june 2012] This is the interior of an old fashioned coffee shop in Morecame, north England. Apparently, Mr.Brucciani from Tuscany, Italy came and started this shop in 1939. It is an ice-cream maker as well….


The restaurant where noble people visit

[june 2012] The last night in the Eolian Islands, we went to a restaurant recommended by a taxi driver in Lipari. The name is Filippino, but nothing to do with Philippine, but means small Filippo….


Listen to Fado

[January, 2012] We listened to Fado for the first time. It was in a restaurant called Clube de Fado in Alfama area in Lisbon. I had thought that Fado was always heavy and sad, but…