Old fashioned coffee shop

[june 2012] This is the interior of an old fashioned coffee shop in Morecame, north England. Apparently, Mr.Brucciani from Tuscany, Italy came and started this shop in 1939. It is an ice-cream maker as well….


The restaurant where noble people visit

[june 2012] The last night in the Eolian Islands, we went to a restaurant recommended by a taxi driver in Lipari. The name is Filippino, but nothing to do with Philippine, but means small Filippo….


Listen to Fado

[January, 2012] We listened to Fado for the first time. It was in a restaurant called Clube de Fado in Alfama area in Lisbon. I had thought that Fado was always heavy and sad, but…


Restaurants are in a cave, too

[December, 2011] In Matera, the cave houses town in south Italy, the restaurants are in the caves, too. You can enjoy the atmosphere and eat quite different foods from the ones in the north like…



[September, 2011] In Kiev it seemed not very many restaurants which you can have a good meal easily. Restaurants may be the place only for the special occasions for people there. Every restaurant had decorative…


Lunch at the seaside restaurant

[May, 2011] We had a lunch at a restaurant where the sea was just below your eyes on the San Nicola island, one of the Isole di Tremiti in Puglia. According to the artist in…


Dinner menu for Nobel Prize winners

[May, 2011] Sweden is the country which gives the Nobel Prize. They have a dinner after the awarding ceremony in the restaurant here in the City Hall. During the bus tour, I heard that in…


How Expensive!

[May,2011] Northern Europe is known being expensive. It is really so. For the dinner, we chose a restaurant from my guide book to enjoy seafood. The foods were good, but not that good to be…


Cook on the Boat

[February, 2011] This is a photo of a seafood restaurant in Milan, not far from the Central Station. The starter was mixed warm seafood and the main was mixed grilled seafood. Everything was so good…