Steakhouse in Brighton

[ May 2016 ] On the day when we went to Brighton, a town south of England, we had lunch at a restaurant called The Coal Shed, which we had booked beforehand. I said lunch, but…


The last lunch in Bordeaux

[ May,2016 ] We had our last lunch at the restaurant called Le Noailles, which was recommended by Marian, the guide in our Saint-Emilion tour. The interior was…


Very friendly

[ Apr.2016 ] For the first dinner in Bordeaux in France, we went to a restaurant called Chez Dupont, which we booked from the airport before leaving. It is a place introduced in …


We ate horse meat

We ate horse meat in Parma in Italy. We went to a restaurant called Osteria dello Singaro which had a good reputation in the internet site.


Very atmospheric restaurant

[ Mar.2016 ] We went back to Turin in Italy for business. This time we were prepared to go to the restaurant where we could not go last time because of the timing. The long…


Enjoyable and good foods

[ Feb.2016 ] There is a lovely restaurant in the aquarium called Oceanografico in Valencia in Spain. The name of the restaurant is Submarino. The speciality here is the setting. The restaurant space is surrounded…


Reasonable and pleasant restaurant

[ Feb.2016 ] In the evening in Valencia in Spain, we went to a restaurant called El Camerino Taberna which had a good reputation on the internet. We ordered the set menu of 6 kinds…


First, dinner

[ Feb.2016 ] We went to the airport directly from work to take the evening flight to Valencia in Spain. The journey was smooth, but we were very hungry. So as soon as we arrived,…


The last meal was meat, too

[ Jan.2016 ] For the last meal in South America, we had a lot of meat at a restaurant called Churrascaria Carretao near Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. Nowadays we see Churrascarias everywhere in the…