a short visit to Aomori prefecture

a short visit to Aomori prefecture

[ Apr.2017 ] On the second day of our family trip to the northern Japan, we went into Aomori prefecture from Iwate prefecture.

Well, it was a short stay, though.

We had a look at the sea view in Hachinohe city, then we went straight to our accommodation.

According to my sister and her husband who planned this tour, the accommodation itself was the highlight.

After a long drive, we arrived at “Aomori-ya” in Misawa city.

My sister said that this place belongs to a chain called “Hoshino Resort”, which is trendy and classy.

I looked at their site on the internet and found that the head office of this chain is in Karuizawa in Nagano prefecture and has the reputation that they are good at buying the resort property or hotels whose business performances are poor and resuscitating them.

Their motto is “Travel is a Magic”, by which they mean that by travelling people all over the world get to know each other and become friends and in turn travelling makes the world peaceful.

That is a great concept, though if you have a bad experience during your travelling, it could have the reverse effect.

“Aomori-ya”, where we stayed just one night, is a unique accommodation within the chain and the room or the facilities were not so posh.

Our room was good enough though, spacious with an adjacent room.

The main reason to stay here is to enjoy the entertainment.

For example, for the dinner, we went to a huge theatre like space and after eating, they started a show which were mainly the performances related to the festivals in Aomori prefecture.

The show was the main thing and to be honest, the foods were secondary.

It was the sort of thing that is similar to the flamenco shows in Spain or the folklore show in Cappadocia in Turkey.

The most spectacular part was the show of the Aomori Nebuta Festival and the float appeared on the floor and moved around a little.

And the girls who were called “Haneto” danced with the interesting rallying cries, “ra-sse-rah”.

There was even an opportunity after the show for people to get together with the performers to take photos.

There was another stage outside the dinner room and the Shamisen (three-stringed Japanese instrument) performance and others were on.

The big shop, the bar and the breakfast room were all very different from the ordinary Japanese hotels, which were surely interesting, but for my elderly mother, everything was too noisy, so she went back to her room not finishing the dinner.

Really, this is the accommodation for the younger generation.

There were many facilities in the garden, too.

Many of the guests arrived here much earlier than us and seemed to have enjoyed the facilities and some more events, which we should have done.

Well, for us, Aomori prefecture was just this and on the next day we went back to Iwate prefecture.

Some day, we will come back and travel around.

I was especially attracted to the embroidery called Kogin-zashi which I saw at the shop of the accommodation, so I would like to go to Tsugaru region where this embroidery originates.