To Stilo by taxi (Calabria - Italy)

To Stilo by taxi

[ July, 2015 ] One of the other places we wanted to go in Calabria in south Italy was a town called Stilo which is on the slope of a mountain.

We looked up the internet to find out how we to get there from our hotel in Roccella Jonica, but the local bus was so infrequent that in the end we decided to treat ourselves and went by taxi.

We found the taxi company online, but in fact it seemed an unlicensed taxi with an shabby old car.

The old driver was not the cheerful type and did not have the spirit of service, so we could not get any interesting information out of him.

But Stilo was nice.

The old town was the sort that the old houses gathered on the slope.

It was smaller and a bit more hardened atmosphere than Gerace where we went the day before, maybe because it is more inland and far from the slaphappy seaside.

When we arrived at the end of the only main street, it started drizzling.While we were taking a shalter, a herd of goats appeared.

They stopped and looked at us curiously.

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