Temple of mosaic (Ravenna - Italy)

Temple of mosaic

[ Feb.2015 ] Main destination for our short trip to Emilia Romagna in Italy this time was Ravenna.

I had heard the mosaics there were wonderful, but they were more than wonderful.

Seeing is believing– I was really surprised at their beauty.

We bought the ticket ( €9.50) with which we could visit 5 buildings listed in the World Heritage.

The first was Basilica of San Vitale.

They started building in 527 when Ravenna was under Goths and completed in 548 when it was under Byzantin Empire.

And apparently it is the masterpiece of Byzantine architecture.

I do not know anything about architectures, but if they say the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is another Byzantine example, this basilica may be similar to that, for example, the empty space in the centre and the way they put windows.

All those powerful pictures on the wall were made of small pieces of natural stones and glasses like point drawings, which is really amazing.

My favourite one was the mosaic of Empress Theodora.

Empress is depicted majestically.

She is even bigger than the emperor.

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