Waited more than one hour

[ Dec.2013 ] We went to a restaurant called “Nishiki” in Izu Atagawa, which was listed in my friend’s guide book. The book said ” Be careful, there is another restaurant with the similar name”….


The pub which used to be a coaching inn

[ Dec.2013 ] The #George #Inn is a pub which used to be a coaching inn located a little south of London Bridge. This pub was already written in a map of 1543. A friend…


Tapas in London

[ Dec.2013 ] On the day we went to #Borough #Market, a famous food market, we had a lunch at Brindisa, a tapas restaurant. It is very popular, located just next to the market. They…


For Monsignori

[ Nov.2013 ] After the #Pope told us “Have a good lunch”, we started looking for a restaurant. We did not have time to look for a restaurant listed in our friend’s list, so we…


Pub lunch

[ Oct.2013 ] During this short break in England, we appreciated local pubs, which was an extra bonus we did not expect. After we enjoyed pubs in Cumbria and Cotswolds, the one we went in…


Relaxing pub

[ Oct.2013 ] After enjoying the nature in Cumbria, north England, we went to this pub for dinner. This one is called Wheatsheaf in Beetham and it has got a history since 1609. As soon…

Czech Republic

Slow food restaurant

[ Sept.2013 ] We asked for recommendation for a restaurant to the vendor who sold us a model of a house on Charles Bridge in Prague. He recommended Lokal, which was situated on the other…


The last feast

[ Sept.2013 ] This is the photo of my last feast which I had before leaving Mykonos. Because it was the last meal in the holiday, we wanted a good one, though it might be…


Clear water

[ Sept.2013 ] We went to Paranga beach which was recommended by our hotel. It seemed a popular one and it was fairly crowded with mainly young people. Some were topless, which we did not…