Meat dish in Solferino

[ Oct.2017 ] I saw a weird photo of a wall with many skulls on a website and found out that it was in a town called Solferino which is not too far from Milan…


The restaurant of Aphrodite

[ Sept.2017 ] The receptionist at our hotel in Zakynthos Island in Greece suggested “Why don’t you going to the restaurant in my village?”, so we decided to go there. It is a small inland…


An excellent restaurant

[ Sept.2017 ] When you hear the word Greece, you would imagine blue skies and bright sunshine, but on the next day on Zakynthos Island, it was cloudy. Because of the strong wind, the tour…


To Piedmont for wine

[ Sept.2017 ] Piedmont in Italy is not only beautiful with gently sloping hills, but also famous for its wine. We went there to buy some bottles some years ago from Milan just for a…


Great lunch, away from our group

[ Aug.2017 ] When we were given free time during our Moscow city tour in Russia, we decided not to rejoin them, and went to a restaurant ourselves. The restaurant is called Cafe Pushkin. When…

Saint Petersburg

The restaurant in Saint Petersburg

[ Aug.2017 ] On the third day in Saint Petersburg in Russia, after coming back to the boat from the Catherine Palace, I changed clothes and we went to the restaurant we found on the…


Italian restaurant in Bristol

[ Aug.2017 ] On the day when we flew with the hot air balloon in Bristol in south west England, we had our lunch at an Italian restaurant which was recommended on an internet site….


Seafood in Bristol

[ Aug.2017 ] We went to Bristol, a city in south west England just for a short holiday. It was the first time for me. Since my husband went there and said it was nice,…