Emilia Romagna

A modern hotel in Bologna

[November, 2010] The hotel in Bologna was I Portici. This was a very modern hotel in white all over. The atmosphere did not tell anything about the town, but very comfortable and location was excellent….


Mirror coridor in the hotel

[November, 2010] This time, I stayed in a hotel called Colomba D'oro in Verona, which is situated just behind the Piazza where the famous Arena is.The location was wonderful.The hotel itself has very traditional atmosphere,…


Missoni in Edinburgh

[April, 2010] I love Missoni. The colours and patterns are amazing. Now there is a hotel featuring Missoni in the centre of Edinburgh. It was very cool and fashionable. The staff are wearing Missoni outfit,…


The Luxurious New York Palace

[September, 2010] I booked this hotel online.Choosing a hotel without any recommendation is sometimes risky, but this time, I hit a jackpot.It used to be a gathering place for certain literary group and recently renovated…


Modern Hotel in London

[June, 2009] It is not an ordinary Hotel, with special light and special bathroom.Also the bedroom was strange. But it was a very nice and interesting experience.